My yoga style is an exploration of self-empowerment and inner peace. I like to start with the simplicity of being alive, breathing, and feeling. Then through conscious breath and intentional movement, we explore the connection of body and mind.

I teach to share what I have been taught. The yoga practice has been such a gift to my life, and I find the more I share this gift, the more it comes back to me.

Early morning is a sacred time for me. I enjoy the soft light, slow transition of colors in the sky, and quiet atmosphere before the bustle of rush-hour. Music is my sacred hobby, anytime of day, alone or with friends, I can always appreciate the qualities found in sound. I enjoy travelling for the feeling of freedom I get being in a new place, walking being my favorite way of getting around.

200-hour certified by the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts under the guidance of William Hufschmidt and Vladimir Tchakarov. Additional trainings: Pranayama: Theory and Teaching, Myofasciae, Prana, and Bandhas, Trauma: Healing with Tantra Hatha Yoga, LoveYourBrain: Yoga and Meditation for TBI, and most recently The He(art) of Hands-on Assisting.