Researcher. Creative Soul. Dreamer. I teach yoga because I want to co-create the lived experience and expression of freedom.

I first stepped onto a yoga mat 15 years ago. Each time I revisited my mat after months or years away, I realized that it helped me to be present and to process grief and work-related burnout. I am deeply curious and passionate about the ways in which yoga (all eight limbs) can help others transform their relationship to work and self. I believe that doing this work from the inside out is key to transforming the world in sustainable ways.

My curiosity about all of this led me to Yoga + Meditation Teacher Training (RYT 200) at Sacred Chill {West} with Octavia Raheem and Meryl Arnett in 2018. I also study and respect the teachings of Dr. Chelsea Jackson-Roberts, Tracee Stanley, and Dr. Brene Brown. Also: my family and Beyonce. I teach both movement and stillness-based practices – with tenets of mindfulness weaved throughout both. I enjoy crafting digestible themes and sequences which are rooted in my own life experiences, and my personal practice.

From yoga philosophy, astrology, and soulful music to anything I am reading about, I connect it all to explore our deepest and most resonant truths. Off the mat, I teach organizational behavior and I do research on equity and inclusion in workplaces.

Snacks are sacred to me. The sun is sacred to me. Equity is sacred to me. Connection is sacred to me. My favorite ways to chill are reading books in an introvert’s nook in local cafés, enjoying the company of friends and family (preferably on a beach or in a park), and listening to music.