I believe life is incomplete without connection.

Looking ahead, my 17-year old self saw a promised future filled with conspicuous consumption and mundane routines. My soul and spirit hungered for more, at 17 I began to study paths of spirituality. I enrolled at Tennessee State University, I felt compelled to pursue a degree in African Studies. At this time, I also began a personal journey to discover and understand the interplay of spirit and wellness and the meaning of connection. My newfound understanding of connection created a savage hunger for peace and well-being. After completing my degree at Tennessee State, I moved to Atlanta, Georgia and founded HoneeComb Natural Hair Salon in 2005. Alongside a rigorous entrepreneur lifestyle, I held fast to my spiritual studies.

In 2015, I sought a deeper way to connect with my clients at HoneeComb that would empower them to seek or deepen their connection with wholeness. In my search, I found my long-term practice of divination through tarot, newer practices of meditation and sound baths to offer my clients a satisfying connection with the peace, truth, and wisdom many crave. Being able to provide a space and place for people to forge deeper, more meaningful connections with themselves is my life’s work. It would be my privilege to serve as your conduit to connection