My style focus is of fluid power and restoration. I encourage my students to just let go and allow freedom from self-criticisms, discovery of internal/core truths, and playfulness to enter the deep, tense areas of the body, emotions, and mind.  I utilize my vivaciousness and genuine aura to inspire a trusting of the process and the possibilities, and I am also an advocate for principles of proper form and action to keep those muscles rightfully engaged and safe.

I teach because I believe we hold the power to our own healing and happiness, to our own learning and progress. All the tools we need are already within us… it’s just a matter of understanding and accessing each tool, and diligently practicing how to use it so it works proficiently on an individual level.

Exploration/travel and cultural awareness are sacred to me. Artistic expression (in all it’s various forms) is sacred to me. My loved ones are sacred to me.

When I chill I enjoy munching on chocolate chip cookies and a cold glass of almond milk while watching Stranger Things, hiking on an off beaten nature trail while vibing out to the sounds of earth around me or to mellow beats, or claiming victory in board and card games.

Received Yoga Alliance 200-HR Yoga Teacher certification in 2014 with Tough Love Yoga studio in Atlanta, GA under Neda Honouvar. Teaching consistently since 2014 and received additional training in Restorative Yoga and Meditation.