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Let’s chill.
“When we live without listening to the timing of things, when we live and work in twenty-four-hour shifts without rest – we are on war time, mobilized for battle. Yes, we are strong and capable people, we can work without stopping, faster and faster… But remember: No living thing lives like this. There are greater rhythms, seasons and hormonal cycles and sunsets and moonrises and great movements of seas and stars. We are part of the creation story, subject to all its laws and rhythms.” – Wayne Mueller, Sabbath

Join Octavia Raheem and Meryl Arnett for a Day of Chill- a half day retreat 11:00 am to 3:30pm on Sunday December 1, 2019. We will do as little as possible. We will chill out, rest, connect to an unhurried rhythm. We will simply be.

The retreat includes:

  • Meditation
  • All-levels restorative yoga+ yoga nidra
  • Workshop on making chill time part of your every day life
  • Journaling
  • Lunch {vegan & vegetarian options} available + herbal teas available through out day
  • Time to be in community with like minded people
  • Closing circle
  • Special ‘chill’ gift


Early Bird- $189 (before January 1, 2020) Regular price- $219

Due to the intimate + super chill nature of this experience, space is limited.

Join Sound healer and Empowered Wisdom Yoga Nidra Certified Teacher Shawn Moore for: Chill so hard: A deep experience of sound meditation and yoga nidraGive yourself the gift of a restorative, super chill, and healing Sunday evening of Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath. The experience will begin with Yoga Nidra, a powerful meditation that systematically relaxes the body and mind into a state of conscious and aware deep relaxation, providing a perfect place to reflect and invite an opening for deep change. Massaged by the vibrations of the gong, crystal quartz bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes and more­, the experience will transition into a sound bath, allowing for powerful energetic clearings to occur.

The brave space created offers participants an opportunity to deepen their own journey of self-discovery, healing and even transformation.


Special notes:

One bolster, two blocks, and one blanket will be provided for everyone. For maximum comfort and the most chill, feel free to bring pillows and extra blankets.

Price: $35


No refunds or transfers

Energy 101

July 20, 2019
Energy 101: Exploring the real magic of subtle energy
Friday- 7:45pm-9:15pm – Opening Initation/Ceremony/ Practice
Saturday- 11:30am-6:30pmSunday- 9:00am-3:30pm


Curious about subtle energy? Join Cat Kabira in her wild passion of the subtle body. This weekend is your initiation in understanding your own energy body and how this shows up in your relationship with others and…your entire reality.

Dynamic, practical and life-changing, this is your opportunity to experience a whole new world as well as connect to a deeper truth within you that you’ve always known. The Native Americans say that we have 13 senses. This is your space to respect your own sensitivity and discover your way to sense energy.

What we will get curious about:

-The importance of grounding and how to ground

-The true meaning of boundaries

-What creates holes in our energy field and how to strengthen them

-How to Function Healthily as an Empath

-How to approach and listen to the field in someone else

-The Importance of being neutral and the Witness and understanding projection

-An Introduction to Kabira Energetics (which includes a background in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, spiritual psychology and shamanism)

-Strengthening Your Life Force: Your energy body and how it relates to your health and what creates blockages

-Energetic cords in our own body and others

-The importance of play and pleasure

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

In this context, we learn how to feel the energetic tides (or flow) in the body and develop awareness of our own fluid nature. We will also sense what it means and feels to sense our own energetic fields, the fields of others, as well as “The Field” or entire healing space of the room. We see the power that occurs when we become the witness and how the body has its own potential to heal itself once its inherent wholeness is recognized. We understand the power of our own personal presence, how the consciousness and integration in our own field influences others, and recognize the transformation that occurs for everyone when we ourselves remember who we truly are.

This is an invitation to use your senses and your brain in a whole new way and to wake up your multi-dimensional intelligence.

This is perfect for those of you new to the energy world to seasoned practitioners looking for a different approach. Yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and really anyone who’s open and feel called to show up. No experience necessary. Come as you are!

Cat Kabira is known for her powerful, refreshing, and unique way of working with energy. Her goal is to empower you to discover, own, and expand your own superpowers.

This weekend includes personal practices in working with our own energy as well as some hands-on (and hands-off techniques) in working with others.

Open to yoga teachers and serious students.

Teachers receive CEUs upon completion.

Earlybird Price- $350 {Before November 8, 2019}

Regular Price – $425 {After November 8, 2019}
Payments may be split into two equal payments if not paid in full. Email for payment plan.
Curvy Yoga Series – Embodying the Yoga Body You HaveSo many times, I hear people say I would try yoga if I was thinner, more flexible, or so many other reasons because of the myth that to do yoga you have to have a set body type.

In this class we will be explore how to find space within yourself to do yoga. We will be working with the idea that everyone’s body is unique and powerful and that we do not need to adapt or change our body to fit into a yoga pose, we adapt the pose to you. Your body, your shape your abilities.

You embrace the yoga body you have right now. This class is a series of 4 classes each is a workshop style (some movement, some community building & some meditation) The yoga practice portion will be 75-90 minutes long.

Recommended Reading of “Embody Learning to love your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!) by Connie Sobczak. We will be using her 5 core competencies with an exploration of developing your own yoga practice.

1. Reclaim Health

2. Practice Intuitive Self Care

3. Cultivate Self Love

4. Declare Your Own Authentic Beauty

5. Build Community


Series Dates and Times:

July 28 1:30-3:30pm

August 4 1:30-3:30pm

August 11 1:30-3:30pm

August 18 1:30-3:30pm


Investment for series $95 {recommended book not included}


Due to the intimate and transformational nature of this work, space is limited to 10 only.

No Refunds.

Accessible Yoga Training created by Jivana Heyman
Dates- February 7-9, 2020
Friday 9:00-5:00pm
Saturday- 1:00pm-9:00pm
Sunday- 9:00-5:00pm

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Join the Accessible Yoga Movement!

Accessible Yoga is an international advocacy organization focusing on sharing yoga with all. We offer Accessible Yoga Conferences, Journal, and the Accessible Yoga Network. The Accessible Yoga Training focuses on how to make the Yoga teachings available to everyone, regardless of their level of physical ability. We’ll focus on creating Integrated Accessible Yoga classes where all students can practice together. We’ll explore the many ways that Yoga practice can be modified to suit students with disabilities, physical challenges, as well as seniors.


We’ll consider how to make our classes welcoming to everyone, and to approach students in a trauma-informed way. You’ll learn sample Accessible Yoga classes, chair yoga classes, and even bed yoga classes. We’ll also look at ways of bringing the yoga teachings and meditation into your classes, and how all of yoga can be used to support health and healing for every body. We’ll also review common medical conditions so that you have a basic understanding of these issues.


This course includes 9 additional hours of required pre-course homework that is to be completed before the start of the course. Graduates of the program become Accessible Yoga Ambassadors and connect with a network of Accessible Yoga teachers and students around the world. Participants who have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training will receive 30 Yoga Alliance contact CE hours.30 Yoga Alliance Contact Continuing Education Hours




-Adapted Asana

-Variations of the most popular asanas

-Techniques for creating integrated Accessible Yoga classes

Sample Accessible Yoga classes, either on the floor, in a chair, or in a bed.



Yoga Anatomy and Physiology

Overview of common medical conditions as diabetes, arthritis, respiratory diseases, cancer, H.I.V./AIDS, heart disease and more.

A review of some of the major impacts of aging on all they systems of the body.



Yoga Psychology

How to empower people with disabilities by giving them a deep understanding of the Yoga teachings. Includes study of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and The Bhagavad Gita.



Pranayama and Meditation

How to make the subtle practices available for all students, regardless of ability.




How to build a strong community among Yoga students to support the transformational process of Yoga.


Price: $595 until January 7, 2020 $650 after


Jivana Heyman, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, is the founder and director of Accessible Yoga, an international non-profit organization dedicated to increasing access to the yoga teachings for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Accessible Yoga offers two Conferences per year, which focus on community-building and education, as well as a popular Ambassador program, and Accessible Yoga Trainings. Jivana is co-owner of the Santa Barbara Yoga Center and an Integral Yoga Minister. With over twenty-five years of training and teaching in the Integral Yoga tradition, Jivana has specialized in teaching yoga to people with disabilities with an emphasis on social engagement. Find out more about Jivana’s work at

No refunds or Transfers.

Introduction to Yoga Series
Are you ready to try yoga for the first time or return after a few weeks, months, or years away? Would you like a class that will truly start from the beginning?

Taking a new path deserves time and space. It is nice to know that there is a place where we can feel free and comfortable to…start. Introduction to yoga is a series of classes designed to help you through that phase when questions out-weigh answers or your passion to learn may exceed your experience. Here you can take your time to develop the type of relationship you wish to have with yoga and gain the confidence to maintain a practice that will help you find the balance, strength and health you are seeking. In this space you will find your challenges and solutions, along with a well of support ready to encourage and guide you as you step onto your path.



This 4-week series will prepare you with the essential knowledge for a safe and meaningful practice including the structure of a beginner level class, the names of poses, especially those of the Sun Salutations A + B, Yin and Restorative Yoga, and their proper alignment and modifications for your unique body. Learn the role of the breath for enhancing your endurance and stimulating the flow of your healing energy. Discover what yoga is to you and gain confidence through experiencing the benefits it has to offer.



Join Ona Hawk as she guides you through the mechanics and purpose of safe and comfortable poses, and equips you with a toolbox of useful knowledge for beginning your yoga.



Series runs from 6:15pm-7:30pm

March 17

March 24

March 31

April 7


Investment: $85 and includes completion ceremony with refreshments

To provide an individualized and hands on experience, space is limited to 12 participants per introductory series.

2019 is the year to move from theory to practice. From knowing to embodied wisdom. From hoping it happens to making it happen. From dreaming to manifesting. From putting everything and everyone ahead of our well-being to prioritizing our wellness and practice.

2019 is the year to set our intentions AND ACTIVATE them!

Begin 2019 with us to create lasting change.

Join our Be Chill Challenge from January 27-March 7, 2019.

Our challenge is this, practice at least 4 times a week for 40 days.

We’ll launch with a mini-retreat on Saturday January 26 from 3:00-6:00pm. At our mini-retreat we will move, be still, reflect, and release in order to create our intention for the challenge and year.


$219 for non-members

$79 for members (auto renew & yearly)
Members must email to receive members’ only price.


-Mini- retreat on January 26, 2019 from 3:00-6:00pm
-From January 27- March 7, 2019, practice at least FOUR times a week. (unlimited class card FOR 40 DAYS included in the price)
-Exclusive online support via Private Facebook group
-Weekly inspirational messages via email
-Three free guided meditations+ one free guided yoga nidra audio
-Special promotions and discounts that won’t ever be offered publicly:)
-Closing group practice on March 7, 2019 at our 7:45pm class.

Vedic Chanting Immersion

November 26, 2018
Weekend Schedule:
Saturday 2:00-7:00pm
Sunday 9:30-3:30
{With 30 minute snack break each day}
Open to Yoga Teachers, Students of RYT200, Students of RYT500, Serious yoga students and practitionersVedic Mantras are chanted according to the intonation given in the Vedas, the oldest known Sanskrit writings dating back to 1500 to 2000 years BC. Vedic chanting was passed down orally through generations. Even today Vedic Chanting is performed in the same exact manner by the followers of the particular branch of the Vedas.


Octavia Nasr practices and teaches her Vedic Chanting in the Himalayan Tradition. This lineage of teachers is at least 5000 years old although eternal in nature. In this tradition deities are thought of as symbols not as realities to be worshipped.


In this immersion, you will learn:
• The various ways in which Mantras can be used and the calming and cooling effect they have on our breath, body and life
• How chanting mantras is an exercise that involves the throat mainly but engages the heart as well as the core and root and therefore affects the entire being.
• Why it is crucial to pronounce Sanskrit correctly for the effectiveness of the Mantra chanting and how to convey the natural rhythm of each syllable and soak in the true meaning of every word.
• How to memorize Mantras through call and response. Participants will get the chance to chant individually and receive constructive group and one-on-one feedback.
• How to incorporate Vedic Chanting in your yoga practice and/or your yoga class through a 75-minute practice on both days of the immersion
• Receive a brief overview of the seven primary chakras and how chanting affects all of them. Butti Shudhi Group Practice both days: Chanting the Chakra Beej Mantras


Expect to learn how to properly chant the following Mantras:
• Om Mantra
• Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
• Shanti Mantra (2 versions: Vaidika & Purna)
• Gayatri Mantra
• Visvakalyana (Asato Ma)


Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – Knowledge of Surya Namaskar 12-step traditional sequence

Investment: $275 Earlybird price $225 if registered by January 23, 2019


Teachers receive 10 CEU credits for attending/completing.

Please note, no refunds.

The Winter Solstice is the longest day of darkness in the year. It is also a day where earth and sun become still with one another before earth begins to move back toward the light.

Join us to celebrate the solstice, holiday season, and arrival of winter through candlelit yin/restorative yoga, live music, chanting, and meditation.

Class will start with a powerful Mantra repetition, then move into silence, before setting our intentions. After intention setting we will practice releasing, resting, and letting go through a yin/restorative practice designed for all levels. During practice, we will explore the theme of healing through imagery and poetry related to the Solstice.


Beyond dedicated moments of silence, the sound in the practice will be the enchanting live music of Jon’s Guitar, Tibetan bowls and flute.


We will end our practice with an extended Sound Bath during savasana, followed by closing mantra and chants.

This practice is a chance to step away from the busyness of the holiday season and reflect on the past year, let go of any attachments, cleanse and prepare ourselves to welcome a new year with an open heart and a clear mind.

This practice will rebalance the mind, body, and soul as we move through the heart of the holiday season and into a new year.


Price: $35

No refunds.

Bliss is your birthright and Octavia Nasr and Sonic Yogi create an experience that takes you there!
Some experiences and moments touch us beneath the skin, muscles, and bones, affecting us on deeper levels.

This yoga and sound experience is one of them.

Join us for a practice of creative and chill flow yoga weaving in stillness for reflection and openness.

We will end class in a long Savasana that invites you to completely release and relax.

The live music of Sonic Yogi {Jonathan Adams} and the soothing voice of Ananda-ji {Octavia Nasr} will transport you to new dimensions of chill and bliss.

This practice is not just for the body or mind, it’s for your soul.

Price: $30

No refunds

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