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Winter Solstice 2019 – A Virtual Meditation Experience

Hello Goodbye to a Decade


Saturday, Dec. 21

8 – 9:30 p.m. EDT



Throughout the ages and across a multitude of cultures, humankind has honored the Solstice. For some it was celebrated with small fires, welcoming the return of light. For others, it was a revealing in the depths of darkness and tending to the inner garden. And, for us today, it is a potent time to savor our meditation practice and to use it as a tool of clarity and guidance as we welcome not only the year ahead of us but the start of a new decade.


“What does living come down to but bringing about those changes in ourselves … which can free us to enjoy a richness and closeness with everyone?” ~Rilke


Join Meryl Arnett for a LIVE, virtual video call on Saturday, December 21 to honor and celebrate the Winter Solstice and say Hello Goodbye to a decade. Enjoy the sanctity of your home practice and all the beautiful benefits of practicing in community with others.


We will meditate, of course, and reflect on the gifts, challenges, lessons and blessings of 2019 as a way to clear and access our vision for 2020 and beyond. From 8 – 9 p.m., we will share in a dharma talk and an extended, guided meditation on acknowledging, releasing and clearing. We will light the way for 2020 with a potent fire meditation. And, finally, from 9 – 9:30 there will be an optional Q&A plus some journaling invitations and tips for setting intentions and creating next steps.


What’s needed:

  • An internet connection; we will be meeting via

  • A quiet, uninterrupted space and a comfy set-up for seated or reclined meditation

  • A window or access to outside *encouraged, not required

  • A candle

  • Pen & paper


Investment: $35

A recording of this live event will be made available, if you can’t attend live!


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