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Science of the breath

July 9, 2019
Could re-learning how to do something as simple as breathing really change the way you experience this life? The breath is more, the breath gives more and it awaits to fill you and shine light on your ability, vitality and peace. It takes away what you need cleared out to help make space for seeing and healing who you are. Rediscovery of the breath is how we begin to uncover our source of life-force energy and how to take back control over the small actions and reactions in our lives to help reveal our truth and our purpose. Our spirit relies on it as a vehicle to move and flow through us, reminding us we are always connected to our source and Self. Reconnect to the power you have to change, be, hold and release.


  • breathing exercises for relieving stress and for increasing energy
  • the physiology of the respiratory system
  • how the breath balances the nervous system
  • how to coordinate conscious breathing with safe movement

This workshop is for anyone who is simply willing and ready to reset, redesign and reimagine their life in sync with the breath and offers a gentle practice for all people from all levels to learn and enjoy.


Earlybird price: $65 before August 20, 2019

Regular price: $75


BEGIN HERE: Introduction to Yoga Series
Are you ready to try yoga for the first time or return after a few weeks, months, or years away? Would you like a class that will truly start from the beginning?

Taking a new path deserves time and space. It is nice to know that there is a place where we can feel free and comfortable to…start. Introduction to yoga is a series of classes designed to help you through that phase when questions out-weigh answers or your passion to learn may exceed your experience. Here you can take your time to develop the type of relationship you wish to have with yoga and gain the confidence to maintain a practice that will help you find the balance, strength and health you are seeking. In this space you will find your challenges and solutions, along with a well of support ready to encourage and guide you as you step onto your path.

This 4-week series will prepare you with the essential knowledge for a safe and meaningful practice including the structure of a beginner level class, the names of poses, especially those of the Sun Salutations A + B, Yin and Restorative Yoga, and their proper alignment and modifications for your unique body. Learn the role of the breath for enhancing your endurance and stimulating the flow of your healing energy. Discover what yoga is to you and gain confidence through experiencing the benefits it has to offer.

Join Ona Hawk as she guides you through the mechanics and purpose of safe and comfortable poses, and equips you with a toolbox of useful knowledge for beginning your yoga.

Series runs from 6:15pm-7:30pm

May 19

May 26

June 2

June 9

Investment: $85

To provide an individualized and hands on experience, space is limited to 14 participants per introductory series.

Introduction to Kemetic Yoga: A Soul-filled Immersion lead by Ona Hawk, 500hr-RYT
The story of yoga is an ocean and the deeper, hidden waters draw some of us to want to know its source. Many pieces of the ancient African truth have been destroyed, lost or forgotten, but evidence of its contribution to yoga is alive today and re-empowering us through a system called Kemetic Yoga.




This is an exploration into the the ancient African healing sciences and how they lend to this system of yoga for achieving well-being and balance.



Feed your soul and curiosity, as well as gain a new understanding as we separate mystery from fact to find how this sacred wisdom is part of who you are, and meant to be shared and beheld as part of who we are.



What is Kemetic Yoga? It is a system rooted in ancient African healing sciences and designed to be easily practiced by any body in every place. The syncretism between methods ancient and modern, Eastern and Western and from across the diaspora helps makes this yoga accessible, applicable, and meaningful to all.



But why do we need an African system of yoga? What are the differences between this system and yoga from India? How do you practice it to benefit your health? What or who is this practice connecting us with? These are the questions that mean you’re ready to immerse yourself in the study, practice and community that Kemetic Yoga has to offer. The journey to these answers is yours to travel from right where you are.



This two day weekend course will be a start or a return for you to the true nature of yoga as a self-healing practice.

Join Ona Hawk to learn the following from an ancient African perspective:

  • Relearn proper breathing skills for relieving stress, centering the mind and balancing energies
  • How to harmonize the breath with movement for an easy and comfortable experience
  • The technique and anatomy of postures and sequences unique to ancient Egypt (Kemet)
  • The connection between yoga and the chakras, energy channels and the ancestors
  • Definitions of Kemetic terms and symbols that represent the roots of yoga originating from Africa
  • How to increase the flow of your life-force energy for healing and revitalization
  • How to open yourself to spirit for a greater connection with Self and Nature

Created for yoga teachers and serious students, this course is an immersion and focuses on embodied experience.



It is designed to offer a foundation of essential, basic knowledge for you to build a safe and confident practice. The science that you will learn can help you either enhance the purpose and results of your existing practice or start a healthy relationship with yoga.

Weekend schedule:
Saturday 2:00-7:30pm
Sunday 8:30-3:30pm



Please note that healthy snacks, teas, and spring water will be provided both days.

You will need to bring:
-Something to write with
-Lunch for both days

To learn more about Ona Hawk visit:

Pricing: $300- 30 days in advance/ $375 after

Space limited to 14.

No Refunds

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