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Science of the breath

July 9, 2019
Could re-learning how to do something as simple as breathing really change the way you experience this life? The breath is more, the breath gives more and it awaits to fill you and shine light on your ability, vitality and peace. It takes away what you need cleared out to help make space for seeing and healing who you are. Rediscovery of the breath is how we begin to uncover our source of life-force energy and how to take back control over the small actions and reactions in our lives to help reveal our truth and our purpose. Our spirit relies on it as a vehicle to move and flow through us, reminding us we are always connected to our source and Self. Reconnect to the power you have to change, be, hold and release.


  • breathing exercises for relieving stress and for increasing energy
  • the physiology of the respiratory system
  • how the breath balances the nervous system
  • how to coordinate conscious breathing with safe movement

This workshop is for anyone who is simply willing and ready to reset, redesign and reimagine their life in sync with the breath and offers a gentle practice for all people from all levels to learn and enjoy.


Earlybird price: $65 before August 20, 2019

Regular price: $75


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