Mentorship Program

Align: Brave Heart/ Sacred Hustle:

a mentorship program for teachers who are ready to own their worth and claim their work.

Mentorship Program For Yoga Teachers


The mentorship program is for yoga teachers who want to tune into their own brave heart, unearth voice, and deepen their ability to hold space+ connect to their students. It is also for teachers who want to get clearer on their purpose for teaching, who their squad is (target audience), as well as how to keep the work and hustle- the business of it all- sacred.



Sacred Chill {West}’s mentorship program with Octavia Raheem or Meryl Arnett provides a unique experience in continuing education. Over the course of three months, you will be guided through an in-depth study of asana and/or meditation practice, teaching skills and practical applications to launch or grow your teaching practice and career.


Are genuinely excited about the professional path as a yoga teacher (and are sensing that… no… this isn’t easier” than my day job)


Wish to find your voice and teach from a more authentic space while honoring this ancient practice with integrity and discipline


Are committed to investing in ongoing learning and education


The program is made up of the following components:

Private Mentorship Sessions

You will meet with your mentor twice per month for a 60-minute discussion session. These sessions will be structured to discover and delve into your vision for your work, goals, objectives, and to discuss your progress. You will also be given assignments relevant to your goals and objectives.

(Total 6 Hours)


You are required to practice at least one class a week with your mentor at Sacred Chill West. One weekly class is covered in the price of the program.

(Minimum 12 Hours)

Observation / Assist

You will observe your mentor’s class once a week. Between week 6-8 you will begin to offer assists within the class and/or co teach.

(Total 12 Hours)

Practice Teaching

Weeks 8-12, you will have an opportunity to teach at least two full-length classes. In one, your mentor will be a student. In the other, your mentor will observe and provide feedback.

(Minimum 2 Hours)

Total: Minimum 32 Hours

Personal Study

Your three month mentorship is an opportunity to study yourself on and off of the mat. To notice where there is resonance. To notice what ignites you. You will be given reading; writing, and actionable steps to take that directly support your vision, goals, and objectives.

Final Project

Once we identity what you want to create or do by the end of our time together: Whether it is landing your first studio or community center class, hosting your first workshop, or teaching your first private session: You will practice. You will study. You will teach. You will learn. You will read. You will write. You’ll ask yourself some hard questions. I’ll ask you some hard questions. Together we will listen for the answers. Every thing we do will be to support you landing inside your own vision and making it happen. By the end of your mentorship you will _________________{fill in this blank}.

Your program will be created specifically to meet your needs+objectives.

The basic framework we will work with is as follows:


Take the seat- Teaching as a Practice: Methods & Pedagogy, Voice, Connection and Presence


Dhristi- Point your arrow with purpose: Your why”, your who, your what.


Deep in the work- Align+ Refine.


The Dance of the Teacher- Flow and Be Still.


This program is open to those who:

Have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program

Taken classes with Octavia or Meryl {who ever you would like to be mentored by}

Completed an application or equivalent

COST: $1,199

A special note from Octavia Raheem

The first person that I did the work that is now Brave Heart/Sacred Hustle with was my dear friend and teaching colleague Richard Bowen. It was a fluid and dynamic exchange of teaching and learning. Giving and receiving. Failing and succeeding. Discomfort and ease.

Richard passed away in March 2017.

I offer this to continue the work and connection that was ours. I offer this work for myself and our community to grow deep…sludge down in the mud to unearth the roots to what links us. I offer this work for us to continue to reach toward the light through our practice and time together.

I will donate 5% of what I earn from my work as a mentor in 2018 to Cultivate Union in order to support a scholarship in Richard’s honor focused on insuring that #blackboysdo have opportunities to connect to their wholeness and possibility through Yoga Teacher Training.

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