Here at Sacred Chill {West}, we believe strongly in the power of meditation, and we are delighted to offer two different styles of meditation for your practice.

Mindfulness Meditation


Our classes titled “Meditation” are all mindfulness-based meditation classes. This is a secular meditation practice that is defined as being in the present moment without judgment and with compassion. In these classes, you can expect a brief talk at the beginning of each class to help focus our meditation session and a 20 – 25 minute guided meditation with plenty of silent space.

Never meditated before? Feel like you can’t stop thinking?? This is the class for you. We break down the myths, explain what is actually happening, and help you understand what meditation is “supposed” to feel like.

Each month, our Monday class is structured as a 3-part series with a new topic related to mindful living each month. Topics like Meditation for Anxiety, Real Life & Real Love, and Compassionate Living have been popular past themes. You can join us for one or all of the classes in this series as a way to deepen your meditation practice.

Soundbath Meditation


Sound is a fabulous tool for meditation – it holds our attention easily and focused while remaining in the present moment. In this class, you will lie down on your yoga mat (with plenty of props to be comfy!) and listen as our Sound Therapists play a variety of crystal singing bowls, rain sticks, gongs, and more to soothe you into a state of calm. The vibrations of the music played resonate and react with the vibrations in the body to help create a deep state of rest and relaxation. 

This is perfect for days when you need an extra dose of CHILL.

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