New to yoga, coming back from injury, or need a refresher? This is where to begin {again}. Accessible and alignment based, this class will be taught “lesson style” meaning that there will be space to ask questions and receive personalized adjustments.  This class will teach static poses and the foundation of how to flow safely and mindfully. Practice being courageous. We all know that it takes a lot of heart to step on to the mat the first time or to return after things have changed. Like every class at Sacred Chill, this class will be served with a sweet side of savasana and meditation. 

This class is offered as a monthly series.


This style of yoga is relatively still and focuses on passive poses (or relaxing the body and muscles) combined with holding poses longer while focusing breath, sensation, and internal movement.  Practice being with sustained intensity. Many of the poses are seated or lying on your back or stomach. Longer holds in the pose help facilitate the slow and safe opening of connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. Yin is a great counter balance to more active styles of yoga.

All levels.


Explore the benefits of stillness, relaxation, and rest in this class.  Designed to revitalize your body and mind, practice releasing and receiving. Class includes both gentle movements to warm up and completely supported long held (at least 10 minutes) postures. Great for both the new and advanced student, this practice supports recovery from more vigorous practices and workouts, provides rest after a long workday or week, and space to simply recharge.

All Levels.


Our Yin Flow yoga class is designed to address tension in the connective tissue of the body with a 25 minute yin practice, followed by at least 25 minutes of vinyasa flow — taking you deeper into postures and allowing you to move more freely in transitions between.  This class will be a physical (stillness & movement) AND a sound/musical journey. We will end with a sweet savasana.

A regular yin yoga practice can have considerable impact to chronic tightness and imbalances causes by overuse. By fusing music with movement, we inspire a deeper, less cerebral connection to our energetic bodies. As our asanas address the tightness of the body, our connection to art and sound will address tightness in our mind — helping to awaken our creative juices and inspire less rigid thinking & the courage to step outside of your comfort zone.

All levels.


Begin seated or resting  mindfully on your back and work up to an accessible flow that will focus on engaging the body and mind in preparation for a practice in stillness. Stillness is reflected in many ways, through many practices. This class will sample small our offerings in meditation, yoga nidra, or long held restorative poses.  A perfect way to start or end your day, you’ll balance strong movement with the quiet intention of stillness. Expect about 40 minutes of flow, 15 minutes of stillness and a 5-minute savasana.

All levels


A secular, mindfulness-based meditation class designed for all levels. Join us on the cushion for a brief talk at the beginning of each class to help focus our meditation sessions and then expect 20 – 25 minutes of lightly guided meditation. Practice being present. New to meditation? Join us a few minutes early so we can review comfortable seating options and basic instructions.

All levels.


What is power? What is your relationship to your inner power? Where does power come from in your body? Can we be both deeply compassionate and powerful? Are the two even different? These are some of the guiding questions that we will continually explore in our NEW class, Sacred Power.

This class is designed to stoke your inner fire, access deep alignment, and build strength while exploring the dynamic interplay of both vinyasa {flow} and stillness. Some sweat. Some Chill. All Sacred; this class will include core work (of the physical and meditation type), some longer holds of standing poses, and move at a moderate pace to allow time for mindful shifts and transitions. We’ll end with long held restorative poses and of course savasana.

Some yoga experience required.


Meet yourself in the place between effort and ease, strength and comfort, rest and movement.

Slow down and practice with mindfulness for balancing energy levels, reducing stress and feeling alive while encouraging proper alignment, steadiness and grace. Being gentle means letting go of expectations and letting the breath empower you. Being strong means having the mental and physical fortitude to bring yourself on the mat to gather your whole self together.

This class will teach how to use the breath in coordination with a slow and intentional break-down of the postures.

Explore the space and time in between poses, increasing body awareness, mental focus and connection to spirit.

All levels.

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