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About our YMTT (Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training)———————————————————-
Be Still, Then Move
210 Hour Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

September 13, 2019 – March 15, 2020

We are here to be lit from the inside out. To be courageous enough to pause, be still, and then move. {Chill with all of the running all over the place, all of the competing, all of the disconnection.} We are here to move from a deep, resonant, and woke place. We are here to be in purposeful, empowering inquiry- together. We are here to challenge, support, and encourage each other. Anchored in stillness and mindful movement, our training invites you to question what yoga “has to” look and feel like. More than pushing boundaries and finding your edge, our training bravely guides you to identify, trust, live, and teach from your center. This is an opportunity to learn, explore, and grow in a sacred and chill space.

From a more centered and grounded place every single movement -whether it’s in our bodies, hearts, family, the front lines of a protest, service, work, or leadership- every movement born from stillness is exponentially more powerful. Our lead teachers Octavia and Meryl {O+M} ‘s most powerful “moves” in the yoga room and beyond were born from stillness This is why we teach- Be still, then move.

The stillness based practices of yin and restorative yoga are at the heart of our training. Meditation is the breath of our training. Movement and mindful flow-based practices are the vessels and lungs. They are all essential and equally emphasized. Beyond the traditional postures that we can take on the mat, our training is a course in the cultivation of Self and an invitation to be in deep inquiry about how we can build community, real connections, and effect change; how we can create movement(s) grounded in yoga beyond our mats.

This training will cover:

Restorative Yoga
Yin Yoga
much, much more (visit for full details)

Co-directed by Octavia Raheem & Meryl Arnett

Our dynamic guest teachers will be updated/shared soon.


Dates, Admission Details, Cost and more can be found by visiting:

Yoga Teacher Training


Mar 10 2019


3:00 pm - 3:45 pm



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