Pranayama Immersion: Exploring the Fuel for Asana & Meditation

Pranayama: Exploring the Fuel for Asana & Meditation with William Hufschmidt

Friday 7:45p-9:45p
Saturday 12p-6p
Sunday 9a-3p

The term Pranayama describes many yogic breathing and body practices. During our weekend together, we will explore 18 pranayama techniques and supporting philosophy to discover how the effects of pranayama might align with your current asana and meditation practice. 

Beyond Dirgha and Ujayii, many yoga practitioners and teachers today have not had an opportunity to learn about nor practice Pranayama, Patanjali’s 4th limb. From different cultures and times, we find many ancient teachings, including yoga, describing a necessary trio for cultivating enlightenment experiences: breath, awareness/concentration, and time containing repetitive practice.


This program is open to anyone wanting to explore a deep dive into yoga philosophy and practice. Please consider our weekend to be a retreat, an opportunity for you to let go of daily routine and immerse yourself into the power of the universe, contained in your own body.


Please note that we will be exploring techniques that can create both subtle and strong experiences for any practitioner. Beginners are always welcome, AND at least 6-12 months of yoga and meditation practice are recommended. If you’re not sure if this is the right program for you at this point in your life, please reach out to William to explore the conversation.

To Bring: $15 material fees {Material Fees – $15 – payable to William on the day} , Yoga Mat, a Journal for recording any reflections and notes, any personal props your require. A snack for Saturday/Sunday during our break.


Early bird pricing {before February 20, 2020}

Regular Price {February 20, 2020}

Payments may be split into two equal payments if not paid in full. Email for payment plan.



William’s Bio

In 1989, I took my first yoga class with Lorna Browne at California’s Humboldt State University and then taught my first classes in 1990 when Lorna asked me to cover for her when she went on sabbatical. Since then, my primary physical and spiritual practices have included yoga, breathwork and forms of meditation.

Since 2001, I’ve completed both 200 & 500 Yoga certifications with both the Kripalu and Pranakriya schools, mentoring with Yoganand Michael Carroll, and I have taught over 13,000 hours of classes, trainings and retreats. Over the years, I have completed over 5000 hours training in various yoga specialities, including Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Adpative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, and therapeutic applications for yoga.

In order to gain more hands-on skills, I started studying Thai Massage in 2002, learning from American teachers Saul David Raye, Patricia Kilpatrick, and Pierce Salguero, and in Thailand at Wat Po, ITM, and with Mama Lek and privately with her son Jack. In 2012, I completed my training for Structural Integration (Rolf Method) at the Guild for Structural Integration, studying with Emmett Hutchins and Amber Burnham. Currently, I am a member of the International Association of Structural Integrators. In March 2019, I graduated from George School of Massage, earning a 500-hour massage certification, and on April 8, 2019, I received my massage license in the state of Georgia.

Currently, I have a private bodywork practice in Atlanta, GA offering Thai massage, Rolfing, Foot Reflexology and Table Massage. Each week, I lead one yoga class at the Neighborhood Church on Tuesdays from 6p-7:15p. Check out for more information about the 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher trainings and retreats I lead at yoga studios around the US.


Mar 20 2020 - Mar 22 2020


7:45 pm - 3:00 pm



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