Energy 101

Energy 101: Exploring the real magic of subtle energy
Friday- 7:45pm-9:15pm – Opening Initation/Ceremony/ Practice
Saturday- 11:30am-6:30pmSunday- 9:00am-3:30pm


Curious about subtle energy? Join Cat Kabira in her wild passion of the subtle body. This weekend is your initiation in understanding your own energy body and how this shows up in your relationship with others and…your entire reality.

Dynamic, practical and life-changing, this is your opportunity to experience a whole new world as well as connect to a deeper truth within you that you’ve always known. The Native Americans say that we have 13 senses. This is your space to respect your own sensitivity and discover your way to sense energy.

What we will get curious about:

-The importance of grounding and how to ground

-The true meaning of boundaries

-What creates holes in our energy field and how to strengthen them

-How to Function Healthily as an Empath

-How to approach and listen to the field in someone else

-The Importance of being neutral and the Witness and understanding projection

-An Introduction to Kabira Energetics (which includes a background in biodynamic craniosacral therapy, spiritual psychology and shamanism)

-Strengthening Your Life Force: Your energy body and how it relates to your health and what creates blockages

-Energetic cords in our own body and others

-The importance of play and pleasure

What is biodynamic craniosacral therapy?

In this context, we learn how to feel the energetic tides (or flow) in the body and develop awareness of our own fluid nature. We will also sense what it means and feels to sense our own energetic fields, the fields of others, as well as “The Field” or entire healing space of the room. We see the power that occurs when we become the witness and how the body has its own potential to heal itself once its inherent wholeness is recognized. We understand the power of our own personal presence, how the consciousness and integration in our own field influences others, and recognize the transformation that occurs for everyone when we ourselves remember who we truly are.

This is an invitation to use your senses and your brain in a whole new way and to wake up your multi-dimensional intelligence.

This is perfect for those of you new to the energy world to seasoned practitioners looking for a different approach. Yoga teachers, yoga practitioners, and really anyone who’s open and feel called to show up. No experience necessary. Come as you are!

Cat Kabira is known for her powerful, refreshing, and unique way of working with energy. Her goal is to empower you to discover, own, and expand your own superpowers.

This weekend includes personal practices in working with our own energy as well as some hands-on (and hands-off techniques) in working with others.

Open to yoga teachers and serious students.

Teachers receive CEUs upon completion.

Earlybird Price- $350 {Before November 8, 2019}

Regular Price – $425 {After November 8, 2019}
Payments may be split into two equal payments if not paid in full. Email for payment plan.


Dec 06 2019 - Dec 08 2019


7:45 pm - 3:30 pm



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