Biodynamic Yin Yoga Teacher Immersion

The Biodynamic Yin Yoga module is part of our Art of Chill series: An Immersion and Self Care Experience for Yoga Teachers

Each module in this series will include the opportunity for teachers to be nourished and immersed in the practice as a student first. Teachers will leave with clear ways to cultivate a home practice. Additionally, expect to walk away from each module ready to incorporate into flow classes or teach as a stand-alone class.
This is part of our CEU program, designed to give teachers who currently hold a 200/500-certification additional tools to create chill space for self and students.

About our Biodynamic Yin Yoga module: Many people come to yoga to get stronger or gain flexibility in their physical bodies. For some, that gives way to a sense that there is more to the practice than the body. Through the practice of yin yoga, we can connect to the subtle body or to that “something” we can’t quite touch even though we feel its impact in the physical realm, this pranic field. Yin yoga, specifically biodynamic, offers opportunities to process emotions, release tension, and find clarity on the mat. The result is often a more integrated connection to the self and a profound sense of wellbeing.

Biodynamic Yin Yoga is a subtle and chill practice that requires a different teaching skill set than more active styles. Yoga teachers of all traditions are invited to attend this training in order to learn more about this nurturing, nourishing style of yoga that is beneficial for students at all levels.

Sacred Chill {West}’s Biodynamic Yin Immersion with Cat Kabira is designed for Yoga Teachers who are looking to incorporate yin yoga+ biodynamics into their classes or for those wanting to deepen a personal practice. In this 15-hour course, you will learn:

• Yin Basics 101: the history and different approaches to yin and what biodynamic yin is
• Sequencing a yin practice
• Basic poses and how to modify for different bodies, injuries, tension patterns
• Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy
• Introduction to working with subtle energetics; emotional, karmic, ancestral, and more
• Working with your voice and presence
• Uncovering the blocks that may come up for you in this unique style of teaching/practicing

Cat Kabira, E-RYT 500 is a global teacher trainer and subtle energetic arts initiator. As a yin teacher, she has studied with Sarah Powers and is familiar with Paul Grilley and Bernie Clark. Her approach to yin practice is open, spacious, and divinely feminine. In addition she is a shamanic healer, meditation teacher, cranio-sacral therapist, and intuitive. She seamlessly combines these practices with her approach to yin. This combination creates an unparalleled, nourishing, and transformational training experience. Her students remark, “Life-changing is not just a tagline. Cat’s the real deal.”

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Weekend schedule
Friday 7:45-9:15pm
Saturday 1:00-7:00pm
Sunday 8:30-3:00pm


Jan 19 2018 - Jan 21 2018


7:45 pm - 3:00 pm



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