Be Chill Challenge 2018

Be Chill Challenge 2018

Y’all know we value CHILL. For real. We are a bunch of stressed out, overworked adults raising stressed out, over-scheduled children. We just survived what felt like an incredibly hurtful, tumultuous year, and in 2018 something MUST. CHANGE.Change doesn’t come from will alone. It doesn’t come from force, or from berating ourselves for our inability to get it all done. It doesn’t come from finding some mythical balance {ha!}.

We believe it comes from introducing some level of softness. A moment or two of not striving.  Listening. Simply being still for a minute or two. Moving with kindness as the motivator rather than fear. We believe it comes from showing up, as we are- AND in community.

No one can do our inner and outer work for us, yet we cannot do this alone.

Begin 2018 with us to create lasting change.
Our Be Chill Challenge:

Do you have to come everyday? Nah.
Do you have to be “good” at yoga? Nope.
Do you have to like meditation? Umm, No.
Do you have to show up for yourself? Yes.

So what is it? It is our challenge to you. Show up. Be with your self in our diverse, inclusive, real community.

  • Start January 6, 2018 at 11:30am in our Begin yoga class.
  • Attend an opening “set it off” ceremony to “set” your intention+create your plan for the month on Saturday, January 6th 12:35-1:15pm
  • Practice at least three times a week. (Unlimited Month of classes included in price)
  • Exclusive online support via Private Facebook group
  • Weekly inspirational messages via email
  • Three free guided meditations+ one free guided yoga nidra audio
  • Special promotions and discounts that won’t be offered publicly.
  • Closing mini-retreat with mimosas and light bites on Sunday February 4 from 12:30-2:30pm
Members’ price: $49
Non Members’ price: $159
This month long experience is intended to be intimate, powerful, and transforming for our community. It is limited to the first 22 people who sign up.


Jan 06 2018


11:30 am - 1:15 pm



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