With a focus on harnessing strength, over flexibility, my style is for the masses.  I believe in functional transitions that are always changing yet consistently tap into core strength. My style is motivational. I pull inspiration from things as varied as the Yoga Sutras and pre-game Pep Talks from Ray Lewis.  I believe in a fluid practice that constantly “moves the cheese” but touches the entire body — ending in a long, restful savasana.

I have been practicing since 2001 and teaching since 2003.  I am currently working on my 500hr certification in Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank and enjoy applying yoga to athletes and weekend warriors alike!

I practice yoga because it is a saving grace that brings clarity, adjusts my attitude and reminds me every time how strong I can be. I teach in hopes that everyone leaves their mat feeling the same way.

I hold a 200hr E-RYT certification from Open Doors Yoga in Boston and also have 500 hour from both Laughing Lotus NYC and Yoga Medicine in process.