Power To Rest

What is your relationship with power, {to} power, {around}power?
Power isn’t simply force and it’s not something to be wielded toward or against others. It’s something to cultivate, plus tune into from the inside out so that we can show up in the world literally turned on, lit, and vibrant. 

Ready to believe in and activate your power {even more}?
Seeking to balance effort, ease, strength, softness, force, and being in the flow in order to better understand where your personal power truly comes from?
Need to reconnect or restore your sense of trust in your power?

This is your place. This is your practice. Now is your time.

We will energize the physical and energetic bodies using accessible breathing techniques. Through breath, we’ll fuel our inner fire, and then dive deep into our core strength {I’m not just talking abs, though we’ll engage them plenty!} with an intentional dynamic flow to strengthen and steady. Finally, we will solidify and savor all the power we harness by closing with a series of long held, supported , and softening + sweet restorative postures – immediately stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (the system of rest and recovery).

With this integration you will tap into the essence of your power and sense, deep in your bones, how rest is essential to the cultivation of sustainable power.

Price: $35 No refunds or transfers


Jun 23 2018


02:00 PM - 04:00 PM



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