Emergence of Compassion: December Meditation Series

December 3, 10, 17: EMERGENCE OF COMPASSION (3-week series)

The holiday season is upon us and we are often faced with
overwhelming environments and difficult family situations and our compassionate motives to stay grounded in a caring and kind social mentality can feel far-reaching. In this 3-week series we will examine the biology of compassion and utilize the empowering findings from the latest compassion research to keep us on course. We will look at the unique challenge of self-compassion and learn three keys for offering loving support to ourselves.

We will learn how to sustain openheartedness and how to overcome the common challenges of “compassion fatigue” and “compassion collapse.” Compassion can become difficult, but it is trainable, and we have the ability to broaden our compassion to ever-widening circles of people. When we can connect to a source of compassion that is altruistic, impartial and based
in tenderness, we will find the determination to emerge as our best selves and flourish this holiday season.

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Finch, M.A., LPC, NBCC, Certified Meditation Instructor

I am a psycho-therapist using the modalities of meditation, somatic experiencing and compassion to help one heal from the inside out. I am a mother of two boys (12 and
13), a devoted student of self-curiosity, occasional writer, teacher of meditation based workshops, and train the trainer programs, photographer, music snob and owner of two pugs (not specifically in that order).

The meditation spark initiated when I was in graduate school in the late 1900s and I began teaching it without a net of research or ounce of confidence in what I was doing. Now, almost three decades later, both historical and cutting- edge research support that leap of faith I took.


Dec 03 2018 - Dec 17 2018


6:15 pm - 7:00 pm



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